Project: Audio/Data-CD-Creator

Audio/Data-Cd-Creator is a set of WPS classes for easy creation of audio and data CDs. Burn CDs entirely via drag'n'drop by using the power of the WPS. It's released under the terms of the GPL (General Public License) so full source is available.

Features include:

  • Full integration into the WPS: drag'n'drop, context menus...
  • Use shadows for creating a virtual tree of files or putting together an audio sampler
  • Creation of TAO and DAO Audio CDs
  • Audio CD writing with several writers at the same time possible
  • Writing of MP3/Ogg/Wave/... files in TAO and DAO mode
  • On the fly MP3/Ogg/Wave/... writing in DAO mode
  • Support for grabbers
  • FreeDB/CDDB-Support
  • Dynamic priority control during writing
  • Creation of single- and multisession data CDs
  • On the fly data CD writing
  • Image creation
  • Boot CD support
  • 1:1 CD copy
  • MP3 encoding
  • MP3 encoding directly from CD
  • User defined menus if WPS-Wizard is installed.
  • Tutorial and help for all functions.
  • ...

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